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April 23, 2014
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At Lend A Hand Family, Inc., we strive towards reaching youth and strengthening our community. We have branded "Healthy Hip Hop" music which impresses a mentality of overall positive living. Our exemplary music influences listeners to increase physical activity, value education and to work hard at reaching goals. We focus on creating products and services that will stimulate, motivate, and educate our youth.

Meet the Organizers

Charlotte Tritch @charlottetritch

Charlotte is a lecturer and the Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at the University of Kansas.

Joe Jarvis @tallgrasslegal

Joe is the founder of Tallgrass Legal, a boutique law practice focused on startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and wealth planning.

Kirsten Flory @ksgal

Kirsten is a Commercial Real Estate Agent for Colliers International by day, and Author and Blogger in her spare time. Her first book "Golfing In Heels" was published in April 2013.

Kristin Eldridge @SnappyKristin

Owner of Snap Promotions, a promotional marketing company, specializing in promotional products, corporate gifts and corporate apparel. Promote Big Time. Make it Snap.

Jay Wachs @jayfox1968

Jay Wachs is the President & CEO of The BriarCliff Group, a Lawrence based public relations, advertising and marketing firm that specializes in the development and profitability of small, locally owned businesses and start-ups.

Past Organizers

Past Presenters

Kids Calendar

Your handy one-stop local resource for kids and families.

LigoSphere LLC

LigoSphere LLC is a technology company. Our flagship product is Ligo, a mobile app for college campuses. Our goal is to make it easier and faster for students on campus to connect with each other, and for local businesses to connect with students on campus. Ligo can help whenever someone needs to involve other students to get something done on campus.

OJOS Eyewear

OJOS Eyewear is a premium, fashionable eyewear brand comprised of global citizens with a mantra to “Go, Be, Do. Go explore the globe, Be the change you want to see in this world, Do something extraordinary. We are 1% for the Planet Members, plant 10 trees for every pair of eyewear sold, fair trade micro-financed partnership for our protective pouches production, and 5 eco-certifications for business practices.

Network Kansas

NetWork Kansas is growing an entrepreneurial environment in Kansas by cultivating resources to start and grow small businesses. We are a statewide network of non-profit business-building resources that help entrepreneurs and small business owners startup and grow successful businesses.

Ulterius Technologies, LLC

Increasing demands for Internet bandwidth and better security, created the need. Ulterius has designed a more secure, faster, single device containing a firewall, router, modem, switch, and wifi access. It is scalable, remotely monitored and protected by 17 patents pending and multiple trade secrets. One box to manage, one company to call - providing faster, more secure connections to your network and the cloud: SOX and HIPAA compliant.

Painted Kanvas

We have hired talented, local artists who will show you brushstroke by brushstroke how to re-create their one-of-a-kind paintings in a group setting. You don’t need any prior experience in painting, either! We have a full-service bar, and can accommodate most anything you could possibly need to make your event a success. We provide the paint, the canvas, and the brushes - you provide the talent and the fun!

Flint Hills Holdings Company

Flint Hills Holdings is an umbrella organization overseeing real estate investments, development and management.


Knoda organizes the world's predictions to create a fun game for predictors and valuable information for content producers.

Healthy Sprouts was conceived in 2011 when DCCDA recognized an opportunity to address growing health disparities by reaching children in their formative years, in child care settings, with activities that would also strengthen the local food system. Beginning with the assumption that relationships are the context in which systems change, the program puts early educators and families in a position to lead efforts toward a new generation of healthy eaters and consumers in our community.

Hilary's Eat Well

Hello my name is Hilary Brown, Founder and CEO of Drink Eat Well. Drink Eat Well markets, manufactures and distributes Hilary’s Eat Well brand food products for national distribution at our production facility in Lawrence, Kansas. The Hilary’s Eat Well brand is dedicated to creating real food products that are free from common allergens and support healthy thriving systems.


CRMPoint.NET provides a one-stop technology platform called Business-In-A-Box that is directly targeted at small businesses and start ups. This platform offers businesses a way to handle customer relations, marketing, sales, email, web, inbound and outbound calling and accounting from the same centralized piece of software. Even better, this solution is not one-size-fits-all. It can be enhanced to work with specific verticals and organizations at a price point that's friendly to smaller businesses.

My Soul Seat

The Soul Seat family of products and methedology give modern knowledge workers a better, more healthy relationship to gravity all day.

1 Million Cups

Developed in Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation, and continually refined by a dedicated community of entrepreneurs across the United States, we have created an educational program that holds the promise to revitalize, empower, grow, and activate your city’s community of entrepreneurs through online curriculum, coaching and experiential learning.

Purkd is a social rewards company that changes the value of every transaction. We help retail stores and service providers get customers, identify your true social influencers, reward your best tribes instead of just an individual, provide customer feedback and integrate with local non-profits as marketing partners.

Kline Technologies

We are a company that intends to revolutionize the warehousing and distribution industry by producing applications and technologies that make it easy to use. Our proprietary technology uses an IR LED to track pallets in a warehouse and in conjunction, a mobile warehousing system. The warehousing system is viewable from iOS, Android, Mac, PC devices as well as through our website.

101st Earthborn Environmental Technologies, LP

101st Earthborn Environmental Technologies manufactures a line of unique fluid replacements that are safe, non-toxic and earth friendly. These cutting edge solutions replace highly toxic and dangerous products that are used in a variety of applications.

StopGap Inc. is a Lawrence, grassroots non-profit organization working for youth that age-out of foster care and other at-risk youth.

Sunlite Science and Technology, Inc

Sunlite is an LED fixture manufacturer. Founded as an LED chip company, Sunlite fabricated chips for LED assembly companies for fixtures. Sunlite discovered that because traditional methods are widespread and each step is performed by a different company that the final fixtures fell short of the original potential. Realizing this Sunlite decided to make lighting products using vertical integration, so all aspects of production and design are in house - providing the freedom of innovation in many markets.

SafeDefend, LLC

SafeDefend provides schools, corporations, municipalities, etc. with an effective deterrent and response solution to an active shooter or intruder event. SafeDefend was created by an elementary administrator to address the ineffectiveness of current approaches to school and corporate safety.

Iron Mountain Products LLC

The company has developed and is marketing the GameVector Deer Recovery System. Our system is a revolutionary new product designed to aid the bow hunter in locating mortally wounded game when traditional tracking techniques fail. It consists of a miniature, microelectronics transmitter and a state-of-the-art digital receiver capable of receiving the signal up to a mile away.

Rexroad Foods - Love Grub Dog Food.

Rexroad Foods / Love Grub Small Batch Dog Food exists to be a choice for pet owners who care about the quality of food their pet receives, who appreciate a good value, and who seek both quality and value above convenience.


FanAddict is a multi-dimensional music events listings application, allowing fans to track their favorite bands across the globe and relieve their memories. Fans can easily track their bands, discover new music and save their photos and notes.

Pawsh Wash and Pet Health Market

Pawsh Wash is Lawrence's premier dog and cat grooming salon offering VERY professional grooming and an impressive self serve pet wash facility. Our mission is to make our community the very best place to enjoy being a pet owner. Our customers experience a fun, clean, healthy and safe environment every time they come and visit our shop. Our staff is impeccably selected and trained to deliver superior service and knowledge. We are in our 8th year and just opened our second location.

Sound Innovations

Sound Innovations sells mobile electronics, car audio-video, marine audio-video, motorcycle audio, power sports audio, remote vehicle starters, car alarms and bluetooth integration. We install the following brands: JL Audio, Kicker, Alpine, JVC, Clarion, Sony, Stinger, Metra and Kinetik.


We are a volunteer management solution for nonprofit organizations. Our affordable software helps nonprofits recruit, retain, and recognize their volunteers to grow their volunteer programs.

New Frontiers

Gift Professor helps you quickly find relevant gift ideas for your situation from thousands of merchants "best products" when you don't know what you are looking for. Instead of search, it is discovery.

U-Hoops is a networking website where basketball players, agents, scouts, team representatives, coaches and trainers from the U.S. and internationally can directly connect and help each other in career pursuits. In an ever-expanding basketball world, where the overseas basketball scene has grown at an accelerated rate, there are more and more opportunities for players to compete professionally.

Ian Taylor Trekking LLC

We specialize in running hiking trips around the world on 5 continents. Ian is an International professional speaker, speaking about his climb to the summit of Everest, Business management and speaking about vision, belief and passion.


An education company that makes myHomework and - Popular apps for organizing students and teachers


RedTire is a business owner successor program to sustain the economic well being of rural Kansas. RedTire acts as a matchmaker between rural business owners looking to exit and either highly qualified graduates from Kansas universities who have the expertise and ambition to run those businesses or experienced business managers looking to buy and run their own business.


Whobaloo is a custom built, online design platform that allows people to create and send cards whether through traditional mail or email.

Mobile Innovations LLC - dba "MessageQube"

The MessageQube is a cellular printer originally designed to enhance communication with older adults who do not use SMS or email. It's use has expanded to include application solutions for public safety and healthcare. The company sells the MessageQube device along with a monthly or annual subscription fee for the service.

Origem Network - Capitalism 2.5

Nobel laureate Prof. Yunus says that the current model of capitalism is not enough to fulfill us, and that money-making is too petty of a mission for human beings. We agree with him, and created the project Capitalism 2.5 to help solve this problem. Origem Network, through the project Capitalism 2.5, is helping entrepreneurs create organizations that lie in the intercession between for-profit companies (2nd sector) and NGOs (the 3rd sector). We believe in organizations with financial+social impact.

Mass Metal, LLC

SilverSaver democratized the ownership of metals by creating a way for anyone to save in physical gold and silver in large or small amounts (as little as $25 per month). In the past year, SilverSaver launched a new employee benefit, the SilverSaver Precious Metal Account (PMA). SilverSaver PMA is an after-tax employee benefit that give employees a way to save in physical gold and silver through voluntary payroll deductions.

Lawrence Sign Up

Full service sign company. Specializing in vehicle wraps, wall wraps, home decor and furniture wraps, and other specialty wrap applications.

Wicked Broadband

Lawrence's only locally owned and operated ISP. Bringing fiber-optic network connectivity to Lawrence at speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (100x faster than cable or DSL). Fast and reliable Internet delivered by flocking monkeys.

KLC Associates

KLC Associates offers non-profit and small business services in organizational analysis, fundraising, branding, programming and marketing strategies when organizational needs are outstepping the time and talents of board members, volunteers, friends and family.


NeuCare is a Direct Primary Care medical practice. We work directly for our members to provide high-tech, yet old school, health care for a simple, flat membership fee.

Pal's House, LLC DBA LED Source

Understanding how LED lighting truly works and knowing the differences between LED lighting products, can be a daunting task. At LED Source®, our LED lighting experts separate fact from fiction and help to lessen the confusion surrounding LED lighting. We are pioneers in the LED lighting industry and have the vast knowledge to answer questions surrounding LED lighting.


Local internet radio station providing music, news, weather, sports and information specific to and for Douglas County, Kansas

Rainbow International Restoration

We are a 24/7 emergency services company that specializes in water, fire, smoke, mold, trauma scene remediation and restoration. We have a licensed General Building Contractor on staff that allows us to complete the reconstruction portion of a project if necessary. For more information including Before and After photos please visit our website at

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